DSP job Prospectus

Digital Signal Processors(DSPs) are in use for fast processing applications in mobile,modem for communication need of the people. DSP unlike traditional processors is used for complex mathematical operations. The complex OFDM/OFDMA based signal vectors generated by modern wireless standards WLAN,WiMAX,LTE can be operated upon by DSP chip. Early days only single core DSPs were available. Now-a-days multi core DSPs have been designed to provide parallel pipeline computing.

The person having knowledge of VLIW techniques,SIMD operations and DSP building blocks will have added advantages.

C6000 series of DSPs from Texas Instruments,MSC81XX series from Freescale, SHARC DSPs from Analog devices and Cortex A8 as well as OMAP3 from ARM are most commonly used.

Instructions for complex operations such as CORDIC,FFT,FIR filters and complex divisions are developed by the DSP chip manufacturers.Following is the basic list of skills needed to perform the DSP job.

Skills desired:

• DSP architecture and DSP algorithms
• Software optimization for any one of the DSP chip
• Knowledge of any one wireless standards viz. WLAN, WiMAX, LTE, GSM, CDMA
• Proficient in C/C++ coding

Companies hiring for DSP job:

• Tensilica
• Cavium Inc.
• Ittiam Systems
• Marvell Semiconductor
• Orca Systems
• Qualcomm
• Xilinx
• Wipro
• Intel
• TI

Expected Salary Range:

Experienced: Rs. 465706 to Rs. 2936142


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