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Rectangular Waveguide Calculator-1

This page of converters and calculators section covers Rectangular waveguide cutoff frequency calculator.

a, Broad dimension of waveguide in meters (input1) :

b, Short domension of waveguide in meters (input2) :

m, No. of half λ across broad dimension(input3) :

n, No. of half λ across short dimension(input4) :

Er, Permittivity(input5) :

Mu, Permeability(input6) :

Lowest Cut-off Frequency (Output):

a=0.072, b=0.034, m=1, n=0, Er=8.85E-12, Mu=1.25E-6
Lowest Cut-off Frequency = 2.08 Hz

Rectangular waveguide calculator-2,TE10 Mode

Broad dimension of waveguide in meters (Input) :

Lowest cutoff frequency of waveguide (Output) :

broad dimention (Input ) = 0.072 meter
Cutoff frequency (output) = 2.08 Hz

Rectangular waveguide cutoff frequency Equation

Cutoff frequency is the frequency upto which system functions efficiently. Below the cutoff frequency, power flow will be reduced. In the waveguide, cutoff frequency is the frequency upto which EM mode will propagate easily. Below this frequency waveguide will attenuate the EM mode and will not be suitable for electromagnetic wave propagation. Following equation or formula is used for rectangular waveguide cutoff frequency calculator.

Different modes in the waveguide will have different cutoff frequencies and cutoff wavelengths. Refer rectangular vs circular waveguide page for tables mentioning cutoff frequencies for TE10, TE11, TM11, TE20 and TE01 modes.

rectangular waveguide cut off frequency
rectangular waveguide cut off frequency fig2

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