rectangular waveguide breakdown power calculator

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Rectangular waveguide broad dimension(input1) :

Rectangular waveguide small dimension(input2) :

Waveguide Frequency of operation, GHz (input3) :

Waveguide Breakdown power in KW (output) :

broad dimension(cm) = 2.3, small dimension(cm)=1.0, frequency(GHz) = 9
Breakdown power (KW ) = 946.24

Rectangular waveguide breakdown power Equation

The waveguide is the hollow metallic structure used to carry EM waves from one point to the other point. The structure having the shape of rectangular is referred as rectangular waveguide. Power flow along the waveguide is given by poynting vector expression.

Power transmitted in the waveguide is a function of domensions of the cross section of the waveguide as well as cutoff frequency(fc) and operating frequency of the waveguide.Hence breakdown power also depends on these parameters. Following equation or formula is used for rectangular waveguide breakdown power calculator.

rectangular waveguide breakdown power

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