Quartz crystal parameter calculator | Q-factor,frequency

This page of converters and calculators section covers Quartz Crystal Parameter calculator. It calculates Q-factor, series resonance frequency, parallel resonance frequency and crystal pulling factor.

Series resistance(Rs),Ohm, input1 :

Series Capacitance(Cs),fF, input2 :

Parallel Capacitance(Cp),PF, input3 :

Series Inductance(Ls),mH, input4 :

Series resonance frequency(Hz), output1 :

Parallel resonance frequency(Hz), output2 :

Q-factor of crystal, output3 :

Crystal Pulling Factor, output4 :

Dynamic Loss, Rs= 10.662 Ohm Cs= 25.470 fF Cp= 6.3 PF Ls= 8.692 mH
Series resonance frequency= 10.69 MHz Parallel resonance frequency= 10.71 MHz Q-factor = 54790.68 Crystal pulling factor= 247.35

Quartz Crystal formulas/equations

Following Quartz Crystal formulas/equations are used for this Quartz calculator.

Quartz circuit quartz formulas-Q factor,frequency

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