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ppm to Hz converter

This page of converters and calculators section covers ppm to Hz converter. PPM stands for Parts Per Million. It means one part in total 106 parts.

RF Carrier Frequency in GHz (input1) :

Frequency in ppm (input2) :

Frequency in Hz (Output) :

INPUTS: Fr = 0.8 GHz (=800MHz) , PPM = 8
OUTPUT: 6400 = 6.4KHz

PPM to Hz Equation

Frequency stability is the specification used in many of the RF systems viz. RF oscillator, RF synthesizer, RF transceiver. In simple test set up it is measured using frequency counter. There are two types of frequency stability, short term and long term. Both are specified in terms of ppm. As it is mentioned in ppm often it is desired to convert the ppm to the Hz unit. ppm basically represents part of the whole number which will have units of the value 1/1000000. Following equation or formula is used for ppm to Hz converter.

Following ppm to Hz converter is very useful for such calculations.

ppm to Hz converter equation

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