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Planar resistance calculator

This page of converters and calculators section covers Planar resistance calculator.

Resistive film length in mm (input1) :

Resistive film width in mm input2) :

Resistive film thickness in micro-meter (input3) :

Sheet resistivity in mho-meter (input4) :

Planar resistance in Ohm (output) :

resistive film length = 10, width= 5 , thickness = 0.1, resistivity = 2.5E-8
Planar resistance = 0.5 Ohm

Planar resistance Equation

Planar resistor can be made using thin resistive film deposited on a semi-insulating substrate. The resistive materials are Al, Au, Ta and Cu etc. These materials will have resistivity in the 30 to 1000 ohms per Square.

Following equation or formula is used for Planar resistance calculator. The parasitic capacitance and distributed inductance at higher frequency will result into frequency dependency of planar resistor. To minimize thermal resistance area of the film should be kept large.

As mentioned here in the equation, planar resistance value depends on length l, sheet resistivity of the film, line width and film thickness.

planar resistance equation

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