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This page covers Pi attenuator calculator. It mentions formula or equations used in Pi attenuator calculator.


Impedance in Ohms (input1) :

Attenuation in dB (input2) :


R1 and R2 are (output 1 and 2) :

R3(output 3) :

Pi attenuator calculator EXAMPLE:
Impedance = 50 , Attenuation = 3dB
R1=R2= 16.6 (take standard 18 value)
R3 = 66.9 (take standard 66.5 value )

Pi attenuator calculator Formula or Equation

PI attenuator pad is the simple layout pad with provision to solder three RF chip resistors. It is used in RF circuit designs to insert attenuation in the RF path. Depending upon power level requirement at different points in the RF circuit, different PI attenuator values have been chosen. The power level at various points in the RF circuit is chosen based on the 1dB compression points of the devices in the transmit or receive chain. The most popular values of PI attenuator pads are 3dB and 6dB. Following equation or formula is used for PI attenuator resistance values calculation.

pi attenuator calculator formula

Above equation or formula is used for Pi attenuator calculator. As per the equation, different resistor values have been calculated and used in the PI attenuator pad circuit designs.

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