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This page of converters and calculators section covers Parabolic Antenna calculator. The gain,half power beamwidth and effective aperture are calculated by parabolic antenna calculator. Tt takes operating frequency(GHz) and diameter as inputs.

Frequency of operation in GHz (input1) :

Antenna diameter in meter (input2) :

Antenna Gain in dB (Output1):

Half Power Beamwidth in degrees (Output2):

Effective Aperture in meter2 (Output3):

Parabolic antenna calculator example:
INPUTS: Frequency = 14.5 GHz, Diameter = 3.5 meter
OUTPUTS: Gain = 52.3 dB, Beamwidth= 0.35 degrees, Aperture= 5.77 meter2

Parabolic Antenna calculator equation

Parabolic dish is widely used as satellite TV channel receiver across the world. It uses cassegrain type of design where in horn antenna is placed at the focal point of the dish. It usually will have two reflectors, a sub reflector and a main reflector. The rays to be trasmitted first emits from the horn antenna and reflects first at the sub reflector then it reflects at the parabolic dish main reflector. Following equation or formula is used for Parabolic Antenna calculator.

parabolic antenna calculator equation

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