ADC calculator - Analog to digital converter calculator, ADC conversion formula

This n-bit ADC calculator takes analog input and provides a digital output. The Analog to digital converter calculator mentions ADC conversion formula used.

Number of bits (n) in ADC (Input-1)   :

Analog Voltage input to ADC (Input-2)   :

Reference voltage to ADC (Input-3)   :

Numeric Digital Output (output-1) :

Binary Digital Output (output-2) :

ADC calculator EXAMPLE#1:
INPUTS: n = 3, Analog input (V_in) = 5.5V, Ref_voltage (V_ref) = 8 V
OUTPUT: 5 numeric (decimal), 101 (binary)

Analog to digital converter calculator EXAMPLE#2:
INPUTS: n = 10, Analog input (V_in) = 0.806V, Ref_voltage (V_ref) = 3.3 V
OUTPUT: 250 numeric (decimal), 1111 1010 (binary)

n-bit ADC calculator formula | ADC conversion formula

n-bit ADC calculator, Analog to digital converter calculator

The figure-1 above depicts simple pin diagram of n-bit ADC converter. The calculator above first calculates numerical digital output and then uses ADC conversion formula. Using the ADC formula, this number is being converted to binary value.

Following ADC conversion formula or equation is used for this 8 bit Analog to digital converter calculator.

n-bit ADC conversion formula,equation

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