Interdigital capacitor calculator

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Substrate dielectric constant (input1) :

Number of fingers (input2) :

Finger length in cm (input3) :

Finger base width in cm (input4) :

capacitance of interdigital capacitor in pF/cm (output) :

Dielectric constant = 9.8 , Number of fingers=10, finger length = 0.0025 cm , finger width = 0.05 cm
Capacitance = 0.4 pF/cm

Dielectric constant = 13 , Number of fingers=10,
finger length = 0.001 inch = 0.001*2.54 cm
finger base width = 0.02 inch = 0.02*2.54 cm
Capacitance = 0.51 pF/cm

Interdigital Capacitor Equation

interdigital capacitor

As depicted in the fig-1 and equation mentioned below, interdigital capacitor do not require any special steps. It is similar to MIC technology. Capacitance value of this interdigital capacitor depends on W/L ratio, gap distance 'd' between two conductors as well as number of fingers N.

Following equation or formula is used for Interdigital capacitor calculator.

interdigitated capacitor calculator

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