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coaxial cable impedance Calculator

This page of converters and calculators section covers coaxial cable impedance calculator. It calculates coaxial cable impedance, Per Unit Length Inductance and Per Unit Length Capacitance.

Outer diamter of coaxial cable (input1) :

Inner diameter of coaxial cable (input2) :

Relative permeability of the dielectric (input3) :

Coaxial Cable Impedance in Ohms (Output1):

Per Unit Length Inductance in H/m (Output2):

Per Unit Length Capacitance in F/m (Output3):

Outer diameter = 36 , Inner diameter = 10 , Relative permittivity =2.2
Impedance = 51.8 Ohm, Inductance (L) = 2.56 X 10-7 H/m, Capacitance = 9.55 X 10-11 F/m

Coaxial Cable Impedance Equation

The most common transmission line used is coaxial cable. This is due to less electromagnetic interference in this type of line compare to other transmission lines due to following reason. This type of coaxial cable consists of inner and outer circular cylinders. The space between the two cylinders is filled by the air or dielectric material. The outer conductor is made of copper wire or wire mesh and usually it will be grounded. Hence inside field is isolated from outside E and H fields. Following equation or formula is used for coaxial cable impedance calculator.

coaxial cable impedance

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