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Parallel Plate Capacitor capacitance calculator and formula

This Parallel Plate Capacitor capacitance calculator calculates capacitance between two parallel plates. The formula used for the capacitance calculator is also mentioned.

What is Parallel Plate capacitor ?

This type of capacitor consists of two conducting plates separated by a small distance as shown in the figure. The plates are parallel to each other. The medium between them can be filled with vacuum or any other dielectric material with constant K.

Parallel Plate Capacitor

Here 'A' is the area of each plate and 'D' is the separation between them. The two plates will have charges '+Q' and '-Q' due to connected battery. The capacitance 'C' of parallel plate capacitor can be expressed as follows.
C =Q/V = K * ε0 * A/D

Parallel Plate Capacitor calculator

This capacitor calculator takes surface area, distance between plates and dielectric as input and calculates capacitance as output.

Dielectric constant K as per table (input1) :

Surface Area of plates in mm2(input2) :

Distance between plates in mm (input3) :

Capacitance in Farads (output1) :

EXAMPLE of Parallel Plate Capacitor calculator:
K = 2.53, A = 0.5 mm2 , D = 0.005 mm
Capacitance = 2.24 x 10-12 farads or 2.24 PF

Equation or formula used for Parallel Plate Capacitor capacitance calculator

Following equation or formula is used for this Parallel Plate Capacitor capacitance calculator.

C = K * ε0 * A/D
K = Dielectric constant of material, refer table-1 and table-2 below to select numeric value as per material
ε0 = 8.854 x 10-12
A = Overlapping surface area of the plates
D = Distance between the plates

dielectric constant table1 dielectric constant table2

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