antenna near field distance calculator

This page of converters and calculators section covers antenna near field distance calculator. The calculator calculates antenna near field distance based on antenna dimension and wavelength of the signal.

Largest Antenna dimension in meter(input1) :

Operating Frequency in GHz (input2) :

Antenna Reactive Near Field Radial Distance (Output#1) :

Antenna Radiating Near Field Radial Distance (Output#2) :

INPUTS : Antenna largest dimension (d) = 2.4 meter , Frequency = 6 GHz
Reactive Near Field radial distance = 10.3 meter ,
Radiating Near Field Radial Distance = 230.4 meter

Antenna near field distance equation

As we know that space around an antenna is subdivided into four regions viz. reactive near field ( up to λ), reactive radiating near field ( up to 3*λ) , radiating (fresnel) near field (up to 2*D2 /λ) and radiating far field ( >=2*D2 /λ). Following equation or formula is used for antenna near field distance calculator. Reactive Near Field radial distance is calculated using 0.62(D3/λ)1/2 equation.

As in the far field, field pattern is independent of the distance. Hence near field distance measurement is very useful to determine from where far field region starts to perform electromagnetic field exposure level for various tests.

antenna near field distance equation

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