VSAT Bandwidth Calculator | Satellite Bandwidth Calculator

This page covers VSAT Bandwidth Calculator or Satellite Bandwidth Calculator. It mentions formula or equations used for VSAT Bandwidth Calculator or Satellite Bandwidth Calculator.


Data Rate in Kbps (input1) :

Modulation Order (Enter 1:BPSK, 2:QPSK, 3:8PSK, 4:16QAM, 6:64QAM) (input2) :

FEC Rate (Enter any value from 0.5 to 0.95) (input3) :

Roll off factor (Any value from 0.20 to 0.50) (input4) :


VSAT Symbol Rate (KSPS) (Output1):

Occupied VSAT Bandwidth (MHz) (Output1):

Note: This is for simplex link. For duplex, double the results obtained here.

Satellite/VSAT Bandwidth Calculator EXAMPLE:
INPUTS: Data rate = 1024 Kbps, Modulation Order = 2 (QPSK), FEC Rate = 0.75 (for 3/4), Roll off factor = 0.30
OUTPUTs: Symbol Rate = 682.67 KSPS, Occupied BW = 0.8874 MHz

VSAT Bandwidth Calculator Formula or Equations

Following equations or formula are used for VSAT Bandwidth Calculator.

VSAT Bandwidth Formula or equation

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