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T attenuator calculator | T attenuator formula

This page covers T attenuator calculator. It mentions formula or equations used in T attenuator calculator.


Impedance in Ohms (input1) :

Attenuation in dB (input2) :


R1 and R3 are (output 1 and 3) :

R2(output 2) :

T attenuator calculator EXAMPLE:
Impedance = 50, Attenuation = 9dB ;
R1=R3 = 64.4 and R2 = 195.43
Take Near about standard RF chip resistor values available

T attenuator calculator Formula or Equation

Similar to PI attenuator, T attenuator is used for inserting attenuation in the path. Due to its layout looking as 'T' letter it is referred as T attenuator. Following equation or formula is used for T attenuator calculator.

T attenuator calculator formula

Based on the attenuation need whether 3dB, 6dB or 9dB different chip resistor values need to be calculated and the same will be soldered in the RF circuit path. Due to simple layout pad structure it is often provided in the RF circuit path as a provision to use in the future. If the attenuation is not needed then the gaps of T attenuator in the main path is shorted. Hence zero attenuation can be achieved.

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