SINAD to ENOB converter

This page of converters and calculators section covers SINAD to ENOB converter and ENOB to SINAD converter.

SINAD (Input)   :

ENOB (output) :

INPUT: SINAD in dB = 20.00
OUTPUT: ENOB in bits = 3.02

ENOB to SINAD converter

ENOB in bits (Input)   :

SINAD in dB (output) :

INPUT: ENOB = 3.0 bits
OUTPUT: SINAD = 19.82 dB

Effective Number of Bits-ENOB

It defines measured performance of ADC with reference to input frequency. As input frequency will increase overall noise also will increase. Hence it will reduce ENOB and also SINAD. The relation of ENOB with SINAD is expressed as follows.

SIgnal to Noise And Distortion ratio-SINAD

The ratio of sine wave rms signal frequency input to ADC with rms value of (noise+ harmonic) content. It is expressed in dB.

SINAD = 20*log10 ( SIGNALrms / (NOISE+HARMONICS)rms ) ;

SINAD vs ENOB Equation

Following equation or formula is used to convert from SINAD to ENOB and viceversa.

SINAD vs ENOB converter

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