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Return Loss to VSWR Converter

This page of converters and calculators section covers Return Loss to VSWR converter.

Return Loss in dB (input) :

VSWR (output) :

VSWR to Return Loss Converter

VSWR (input) :

Return Loss in dB (output):

Return loss = 14
VSWR = 1.499

Return Loss VSWR Equation

Both return loss and VSWR are used interchangeably with transmission line. These are the measure of the systems to determine how efficient they are in transmitting the EM waves. Return loss of the system is basically defined as the ratio of reflected voltage(from a short circuit) to the reflected voltage(from a load) taking into consideration same input in both the cases as well as same transmission system. This is because reflected voltage from the short circuit is almost equal to the forward voltage. Refer Reflection Coefficient vs Return Loss vs VSWR to know about their relationship. Following equation or formula is used for VSWR to return loss converter and viceversa.

VSWR to Returnloss converter

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Reflection coefficient vs Return Loss vs VSWR

Reflection Coefficient vs Return Loss vs VSWR

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