Radar Vehicle Speed Calculator | Radar Gun Calculator

This page covers Radar Vehicle Speed Calculator or Radar Gun Calculator. It mentions formula or equations used by Radar to calculate speed of the moving vehicle. The same concept is used in radar speed signs >>.

Radar Vehicle Speed Calculator | Radar Gun Calculator

Radar Transmitted Frequency (GHz) :

Difference frequency (KHz) :

Vehicle Speed (Kph) :

Vehicle Speed (mph) :

EXAMPLE of Radar Vehicle Speed Calculator:
Radar emitted transmitter frequency = 24.125 GHz
Difference in frequency between transmitter and received echo = 5
Vehicle Speed in Kph (Km/hour) = 31.088
Vehicle Speed in mph (miles/hour) = 19.317

Formula or equation for Radar Vehicle Speed Calculator

Radar vehicle speed calculator formula

Above mentioned vehicle speed calculation formula is used to calculate vehicle speed by radar gun and radar speed signs.

kph to mph conversion

Unit conversion is done from kph to mph by multiplying kph by factor of 0.621371.


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