Radar RCS calculator | Radar RCS formula or equation

This page covers Radar RCS calculator. It mentions Radar RCS formula or equation used in this calculator. RCS stands for Radar Cross Section.

This calculator uses target having shape of a sphere i.e. spherical shape.


Target Radius in meters :


RCS in meter2 :

Example of Radar RCS calculator:
INPUT: Target radius = 10 meters
OUTPUT: RCS = 314.159 meter2

Radar RCS Formula or Equation

RCS (Radar Cross Section) varies based on different shapes of the objects. The figure-1 below depicts the same.

RCS vs target radius

The table has been taken from rfcafe for explanation purpose. For more information visit RFCAFE RCS Page>>.

Following equation or formula is used for Radar RCS Calculator.

radar RCS formula

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