RF Mixer Output Calculator | RF Mixer Output Formula,Equation

This page covers RF Mixer output calculator. The formula/equation for this RF mixer calculator is also mentioned.

Input Frequency lower value, MHz (input1) :
Input Frequency higher value, MHz (input2) :
Local Oscillator, MHz(input3) :

Lower Sideband, Low value (Output1) :
Lower Sideband, High value (Output2) :
Upper Sideband, Low value (Output3) :
Upper Sideband, High value (Output4) :

INPUTS: input frequency range = 800 (low) to 850 MHz (high), Local Oscillator Frequency=700 MHz
OUTPUTS: Output Lower sideband = 100 (low) to 150 MHz (high); Output Upper sideband = 1500 (low) to 1550 MHz (high)

RF Mixer Formula/Equation

RF mixer output formula

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