RF K-factor Calculator | RF stability factor Calculator

This page covers RF K-factor calculator. The formula/equation for this RF K-factor calculator is also mentioned. The K-factor is known as stability factor of RF Amplifier.

S11_magnitude (input1) :
S11_angle (input2) :
S22_magnitude (input3) :
S22_angle (input4) :
S12_magnitude (input5) :
S12_angle (input6) :
S21_magnitude (input7) :
S21_angle (input8) :

RF Amplifier K-Factor (Output) :

EXAMPLE of RF K-factor calculator:
INPUTS: S11(magnitude,angle)= (0.2552, 156.2o) ;
S22(magnitude,angle)= (0.1544, -95.3o);
S12(magnitude,angle)= (0.0994, 41.5o);
S21(magnitude,angle)= (5.636, 53.1o);
OUTPUT: RF Amplifier K-factor (Stability factor) = 1.0618

Formula or Equation for RF Amplifier K-factor (Stability Factor)

K-factor is calculated from all the S-parameters viz. S11, S12, S21 and S22. It represents stability of the RF amplifiers. When K-factor > 1 while Delta < 1, the RF amplifier is said to be unconditionally stable for any load. Refer amplifier stability conditions>>.

Following equation or formula is used for RF K-factor Calculator i.e. RF stability factor Calculator. It is also known as Rollet Stability Factor of the RF Power Amplifier.

RF k-factor or stability factor Formula

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