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RF Amplifier Drain Efficiency calculator | Drain Efficiency formula

This page covers RF Amplifier Drain Efficiency calculator. It mentions drain efficiency formula or equation used in this calculator.

Amplifier Output Power (Watts) (input1) :

Amplifier DC Power (Watts) (input2) :

RF Amplifier Drain Efficiency (%) (Output) :

Refer Power Unit Converter to convert power from dBW to Watt to use here in this calculator.

INPUTS: Pout= 18 Watt , Pdc = 50 Watt
OUTPUT: RF Amplifier Drain Efficiency = 36 %

RF Amplifier Drain Efficiency Equation

Following are the three types of efficiency used in RF Amplifier.
• power added efficiency
• overall efficiency
• drain efficiency.
Refer PA efficiency types for equations of each of these type of efficiency. Following equation or formula is used for RF Amplifier Drain Efficiency calculator.

RF Amplifier drain efficiency formula or equation

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