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Power to Vrms,Vpeak,Vp-p conversion calculator

This page mentions Power to Vrms, Vpeak, Vp-p conversion calculator. It mentions Power in watt to Power in dBm conversion as it takes PdBm as input to generate outputs (Vrms, Vpeak, Vp-p) in volts.

Calculator#1: Power to Vrms, Vpeak, Vp-p conversion

Following calculator requires power in dBm. Hence for Power in watt to Power in dBm conversion use calculator#2.

Power in dBm (input) :

Vrms in Volts (output1):
Vpeak in Volts (output2):
Vp-p in Volts (output3):

Power in dBm = 40
Vrms = 22.360 Volts
Vpeak = 31.618 Volts
Vp-p = 63.236 Volts

Power to Vrms, Vpeak, Vp-p conversion formula or equation

Following equations or formula are used for Power to Vrms/Vpeak/Vp-p conversion.

Power to Vrms,Vpeak,conversion formula

Calculator#2: Power (Watt) to Power (dBm) Conversion

Following calculator converts Power in Watts to Power in dBm.

Power in Watt (input) :

Power in dBm (output) :

Input: Power in Watt = 10
Output: Power in dBm = 40

Power in Watt to dBm conversion formula or equation

dBm is power with reference to 1 milliwatt. Following equation or formula is used for Watt to dBm conversion and vice versa.

Power in Watt to Power in dBm conversion formula

Useful converters and calculators

Following is the list of useful converters and calculators.

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