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Patch Antenna calculator | converters and calculators

This page of converters and calculators section covers Patch Antenna calculator. This patch antenna calculator calculates length and width as outputs. The user need to enter center frequency,dielectric constant and height of substrate as input parameters to this microstrip patch antenna calculator.

Center Frequency,MHz (input1) :

Dielectric Constant (input2) :

Height of substance,mm (input3):

Width of patch antenna,mm (Output1):

Length of patch antenna,mm (Output2):

Ground plane dimention(Lg),mm (Output3):

Ground plane dimention(Wg),mm (Output4):

Example of Patch Antenna Calculator:
Centre frequency (Fo)=1800MHz
Dielectric Constant (er)=11.9
Height of substrate (h)=1.5mm
Patch width= 32.81 mm
Patch Length= 24.05 mm
Ground Plane Lg= 33.05 mm
Ground Plane Wg= 41.81mm

Patch Antenna Calculator Equation/Formula

Following equations or formulas are used for Patch Antenna calculator.

Patch Antenna Calculator Equation,Formula

One can also refer article on mobile microstrip based patch antenna design,

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