NFC rectangular Antenna calculator | NFC Antenna Calculator

This page mentions calculator for NFC antenna of rectangular shape. The formula used to calculate inductance of NFC rectangular antenna calculator are also mentioned. The links to other antenna calculators are also mentioned.

NFC rectangular antenna

NFC Antenna Calculator

Length (a0), in mm (input1) :
Width (b0), in mm (input2) :
Track width (w), in mm (input3) :
Track Gap (g), in mm (input4) :
Track thickness (t), in mm (input5) :
Number of turns (input6) :
Fitting parameter, E (range 1.6-1.85) (input7) :

Equivalent conductor diameter (Output#1):
Average Length (Output#2):
Average Width (Output#3):
Inductance in µH (Output#4):
*Note: Use following calculators to convert mils to mm.

EXAMPLE of NFC rectangular Antenna calculator:
INPUTS : a0 = 35 mm, b0 = 25 mm, w =0.2 mm, g = 0.2 mm, t =0.035 mm, N =3, E =1.65
OUTPUTS: Equivalent conductor diameter = 0.094,
Average length (aavg) = 33.82 mm
Average Width (bavg) = 23.83 mm
Inductance = 0.7127 µH

Mils to mm conversion

mils (input) :

mm (output):

mils input = 8
mm output = 0.2
Formula: 1 mm (millimeter) = 39.37 mils

Formula/Equations used in NFC rectangular Antenna calculator

Following formula/equations are used in the NFC Antenna Calculator of rectangular type.

NFC rectangular antenna formula NFC rectangular antenna inductance

This NFC rectangular Antenna calculator is useful to design the NFC Loop Antenna.

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