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Mutual Inductance calculator | Mutual Inductance Formula

This page covers mutual inductance calculator. It mentions mutual inductance formula used by this mutual inductance calculator.

Let us understand self inductance and mutual inductance. When AC (Alternating Current) causes EMF to be generated in the coil itself then it is known as self inductance. When AC is passed trhough one of the coil which is adjacent to the other coil, magnetic field generated in the first one gets coupled to the other one.

Mutual Inductance between coils

The amount of coupling from primary coil to the secondary coil is known as coupling factor (K). If K is equal to one, it refers that all of the magnetic flux lines of primary coil are passed to turns of the secondary coil.

Mutual Inductance calculator

Self Inductance of 1st coil in milli Henrys (input1) :

Self Inductance of 2nd coil in milli Henrys (input2) :

Coupling Factor between coils (input3) :

Mutual Inductance in milli-Henrys (output) :

EXAMPLE#1 Mutual Inductance calculator as per formula-1 mentioned below:
self inductance of 1st coil= 75 mH , self inductance of 2nd coil= 50 mH, Couping factor = 0.75
Mutual Inductance = 45.92 mH

Mutual Inductance Formula

Following Mutual Inductance formula is used for this calculator.

Mutual Inductance Formula-1

The another mutual Inductance formula is mentioned below.

Mutual Inductance Formula-2

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