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Microwave BPF Calculator

This page of converters and calculators section covers Microwave BPF calculator. The calculator calculates Shape Factor and Quality factor.

Microwave BPF Center Frequency in GHz (input1) :

BPF 3dB Bandwidth in MHz (input2) :

BPF 60dB Bandwidth in MHz (input3) :

Shape Factor (Output1):

Quality Factor (Output2):

INPUTS : Fc=3GHz, BW3dB = 120 MHz, BW60dB = 350MHz
OUTPUTS: Shape Factor = 2.91 , Quality Factor =25

Microwave BPF Equation

BPF stands for Band Pass Filter. The filters are categorized into two type based on their capabilities to process the signal either analog or digital. As we know that filters pass certain range of frequencies and block certain range. Based on their capabilities to process the different frequencies they are further catagorized into band pass, low pass, high pass and band stop filters. Filters that operates at higher microwave frequencies are referred as microwave filter. Microwave BPF will usually pass frequencies in one range referred as frequency band. Following equation or formula is used for Microwave BPF calculator.

microwave BPF calculator equation

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