LoRa Link Budget Calculator | LoRa Link Budget Formula

This page mentions LoRa Link Budget calculator. It mentions LoRa Link Budget calculation Formula. LoRa Link Budget calculator takes or calculates LoRa Receiver Sensitivity and transmitter power as inputs and provides Link budget or received power as output.

Apply following formula or use LoRa Sensitivity Calculator>> in order to use LoRa Link Budget calculator. This is because LoRa Link Budget is calculated using receiver sensitivity of the LoRa chip.

LoRa Sensitivity Formula

LoRa Link Budget Calculator

Receiver Sensitivity in dBm (e.g. -137 dBm) (input1) :

Transmit power in dBm (e.g. 17 dBm) (input2) :

LoRa Chip Received Power in dBm (Output):

EXAMPLE of LoRa Link Budget Calculator:
INPUTS : Calculated receiver sensitivity = -137 dBm , Tx Power = 17 dBm
OUTPUTS: LoRa Link Budget or Received Power = -120 dBm

Formula/Equations used in LoRa Link Budget Calculator

Following LoRa Link Budget formula/equation is used in this LoRa Link Budget calculator.

LoRa Link Budget Formula

Also refer LoRa tutorial and LoRa technology basics which mentions LoRa system features, protocol stack, physical layer, MAC layer, frequency bands, LoRa Classes, LoRa transceiver etc.

RF Link Budget Calculator

Refer RF Budget Calculator >> with image and equations mentioned below.

rf link budget
rf link budget equation

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