LTE PCI Calculator | PSS and SSS vs PCI converter

This page on LTE PCI calculator does PSS/SSS vs PCI conversion. It includes LTE PSS/SSS to PCI converter and LTE PCI to PSS/SSS converter. The LTE PCI calculator takes Cell Group Number (Physical Layer Cell Id Group) and Cell Number (Physical Layer Sub Cell Id) as inputs.

PCI is the shirt form of Physical Layer Cell Identity. It is calculated based on PSS and SSS. PSS stands for Primary Sync Sequence which gives cell number. SSS stands for Secondary Sync Sequence which gives Cell Group Number. PSS takes 3 sequence numbers (0,1,2) and SSS takes 168 sequence number from 0 to 167. SSS is transmitted on 5th symbol and PSS is transmitted on 6th symbol of slot 0 and slot10 of each radio frame on 72 subcarriers centered around DC.
Refer LTE PSS vs SSS>> for more descriptive information on these sequences used in LTE technology.

PSS (Enter: 0/1/2), Input#1 :

SSS (Enter: Any number from 0 to 167), Input#2 :

LTE PCI value (Output):

INPUTS : PSS (i.e. Local Cell ID) = 1, SSS (i.e. Group Value) = 100
OUTPUT : PCI = 301
Note: PCI value ranges from 0 to 503.

Formula/Equation used in LTE PCI Calculator for PSS/SSS to PCI conversion

Following equations/formula are used in this LTE PCI calculator which helps in PSS/SSS to PCI conversion and vice versa.

LTE PCI formula

Though there are three equations, they are the same synonyms used to calculate LTE PCI value.

LTE PCI to PSS/SSS converter

Following calculator can be used to convert PCI value to PSS and SSS values.

PCI value (Any number from 0 to 503), Input :

LTE PSS value (Output#1) :

LTE SSS value (Output#2):

LTE PCI to PSS/SSS conversion EXAMPLE:
INPUTS : PCI = 301 (Any number in the range from 0 to 503)
OUTPUT : PSS = 1 (Any number from 0,1,2) , SSS = 100 (Any number from 0 to 167)


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