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HEMT drain current calculator | HEMT drain current formula

This page covers HEMT drain current calculator. The HEMT drain current formula is also mentioned.

2-dimensional electron gas density, n(z) in m-2 (input1) :

Gate width, W in µm (input2) :

Electron Velocity, V(z) in m/sec (input3) :

Drain Current in mA (Output1) :

INPUTS: N(z) = 5.21E15, W = 150 µm , V(z) = 2E5

HEMT drain current formula or equation

Following formula or equation is used for HEMT drain current calculator.

HEMT drain current formula

Ids = HEMT Drain Current
q = electron charge = 1.6 x 10-19
n(z) = concentration of two dimensional electron gas
W = Gate Width
v(z) = electron velocity

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