Embedded Microstrip Impedance Calculator | Formula,Equation

This page covers Embedded Microstrip Impedance Calculator. It mentions formula or equations used in this embedded Microstrip Impedance Calculator.

Embedded Microstrip Line

The figure-1 above depicts embedded microstrip line. Refer types of microstrip line and basics of microstrip line for more information.


Dielectric Constant, Εr :

Trace Width, w in mils :

Trace thickness, t in mils :

Trace dielectric thickness, h in mils :

Overall dielectric thickness, h1 in mils :

Characteristic impedance in Ohms :
*Note: This calculator is valid for (h1/h) greater than 1.2

INPUTS: Er = 3.8 , w = 5.1 , t = 1.5 , h = 4.45 , h1 = 6
OUTPUT: Characteristic Impedance = 51.363
(1 mm =39.37 mils)

mm to mils converter



INPUT: mm = 0.5
OUTPUT: mils = 19.685

Embedded Microstrip Impedance Formula or Equation

Following equation or formula is used for Embedded Microstrip Impedance Calculator.

Embedded Microstrip Impedance Formula

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