Earth Station to Satellite Link Calculator

This page of converters and calculators section covers Earth Station to Satellite Link Calculator. The calculator takes RF transmission frequency(GHz), Antenna diameter (meters), transmitting power(dBW), efficiency of antenna and satellite distance from the Earth as input parameters. The calculator calculates path loss, parabolic reflector transmitting antenna gain, EIRP and received power at satellite.

Transmission Frequency (GHz) (input1) :

Transmitting Antenna Diameter(m) (input2) :

Transmitter output power (Watt) (input3) :

Satellite distance from Earth (Km)(input4) :

Transmitting Antenna Efficiency (input5) :

Path Loss (dB) (Output1):

Transmitting Antenna Gain (dB) (Output2):

EIRP (dBW) (Output3):

Received power at Satellite (dBW) (Output4):

INPUTS: Transmission Frequency= 6 ,Antenna Diameter=7.2, Transmit power = 8000 , satellite distance= 39920 ,antenna efficiency= 0.7
OUTPUTS: Path loss= 199.98 dB, Transmit antenna gain= 51.56 dB , EIRP= 90.59 dBW , received power at satellite= -109.39 dBW

Earth to Satellite link

Figure depicts the scenario for this calculator. As shown in the figure, calculator calculates satellite received power and other parameters as mentioned above.

Earth Station to Satellite Link Equation

The Earth station to Satellite link is used by many applications specifically in TV channel broadcasting etc. All the TV channel frequencies are combined and uplinked to the satellite which in turn broadcasts the TV channel information to the larger area of the earth. Hence this link is very important. Following equation or formula is used for Earth Station to Satellite Link Calculator.

Earth Station to Satellite Link Budget Calculator

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