Dipole Antenna calculator

This page of converters and calculators section covers Dipole Antenna calculator used to calculate radiation resistance.

Dipole Antenna Physical Length(meter),input1:

Dipole Antenna operating frequency(MHz),input2:

Radiation Resistance of Halfwave Dipole,output1:

Radiation Resistance of Elec.Short Dipole,output2:

Radiation Resistance of Hertizian Dipole,output3:

Physical Length (meter) INPUT1 = 0.25 ,
Antenna frequency INPUT2 = 600 MHz,
Radiation Resistance of halfwave dipole OUTPUT1 = 80 Ohm ,
Radiation Resistance of electrically short dipole OUTPUT2 = 49.35 Ohm ,
Radiation Resistance of hertizian dipole OUTPUT3 = 197.4 Ohm ,

Radiation Resistance Equation

Following formulas/equations of radiation resistance are used for dipole antenna of different types such as halfwave dipole, electrically short dipole and hertizian dipole.

Radiation Resistance Equation

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