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Antenna Factor Calculator,Antenna Factor to Gain Conversion

This page covers Antenna Factor definition and Antenna Factor Calculator. It covers Antenna Factor to Gain Conversion and Gain to antenna factor conversion along with formula or equations.

What is Antenna Factor

As we know EMC test requires antenna to be connected with RF receiver such as spectrum analyzer, network analyzer or RF voltmeter in order to measure field strength (E). These devices use load impedance (ZL) which matches the antenna impedance. Antenna factor can be expressed as follows.

Antenna factor

Here Ei stands for Incident field strength, Vrec stands for received voltage and "h" stands for antenna effective height. Antenna factor (AF) is expressed in units of dB/meter or meter-1.

Antenna Factor to Gain Conversion Calculator#1

Following calculator does antenna factor to gain conversion.

Antenna factor (input1) :

Antenna Frequency (input2) :

Antenna Gain (output) :

Example#1: Antenna factor to Gain conversion calculator:
INPUTS: Antenna factor = 2, Frequency = 2400 MHz
OUTPUT: Gain (dBi) = 35.86

Gain to Antenna Factor Conversion Calculator#2

Following calculator does antenna factor to gain conversion.

Antenna Gain (input1) :

Antenna Frequency (input2) :

Antenna Factor (output) :

Example#2: Gain to Antenna factor conversion calculator:
INPUTS: Gain (dBi) = 35.8 , Frequency = 2400 MHz
OUTPUT: Antenna factor = 2.06

Antenna factor Calculator equations or formula

Antenna Factor vs Gain Conversion formula

Above mentioned equations or formula are used for antenna factor to gain conversion and vice versa. This formula is taken from paper on "antenna factor calculations and deviations" by A.H.Systems, Inc.

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