Antenna Gain calculator

This page of converters and calculators section covers Antenna Gain calculator. The gain of parabolic antenna type is calculated by antenna gain calculator.


Antenna Efficiency in % (Input#1) :
Antenna Diameter in meters (Input#2) :
Antenna frequency in GHz (Input#3) :


Antenna Gain in dBi (output) :

Antenna gain calculator example:
Antenna efficiency = 0.7
Antenna Diameter = 4.2 meter
Antenna frequency = 6 GHz
Output Gain (dBi) = 47

Antenna Gain Calculator Equation

Antenna Gain is the measure of amount of boost provided to the input sigal by the antenna. It is very useful in RF system link budget calculation and analysis. It helps to determine as to how much power we need to generate using RF Transmitter part bearing into consideration antenna gain information. It also helps to determine, at the receiver how much power will be available to reproduce the transmitted information and whether the attenuator pads are needed or not. If needed, what value of attenuators we need to incorporate for efficient link operation. Following equation or formula is used for parabolic antenna gain calculator.

Antenna Gain calculator equation

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