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Antenna Balanced Feeder Calculator, Balanced feeder impedance

This page of converters and calculators section covers Antenna Balanced Feeder Calculator. It is balanced feeder impedance calculator. It calculates impedance based on distance between conductors, diameter of conductors and dielectric constant.

Distance between two conductors, mm input1 :

Outer diameter of the conductor, mm input2 :

Dielectric constant of material, input3 :

Balanced feeder impedance (Z0) :

Antenna Balanced Feeder Impedance calculator example:
Distance = 10 mm, Diameter = 2 mm, Dielectric constant = 2.3
Impedance = 182.2 Ohm

Balanced Feeder Impedance equation/Formula

A balanced feeder or twin feeder is made of two parallel conductors having same diameters. They are concentric and hence current flows in both the wires with equal magnitude and in opposite directions. Due to this, fields get cancel each other and there will not be any radiation from it and no power is picked up from outside. Following is the balanced feeder impedance equation/formula.

balanced feeder impedance equation/formula

Where, D =Distance between the two conductors used in balanced feeder
d = Outer diameter of the conductor used in this balanced two wire line
ε = dielectric constant of the material used between the two wires, usually plastic is used which will have value between 1.5 to 3.5

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