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AM modulation power calculator-total power, carrier power, sideband power

This page mentions AM modulation power calculator. This amplitude modulation calculator calculates AM carrier power and sideband power based on total power and modulation index and vice versa.

Following are the inputs and outputs for this AM calculator:
Inputs: Total AM modulated signal power (Watt) , Modulation Index (in %)
Outputs: Carrier Power (Watts) , one sideband power (Watt)

Total AM Power in Watts (input1) :
Modulation index in percent (input2) :

AM Carrier Power (Output1):
AM Sideband Power (Output2):


AM modulation calculator Example#1:
INPUTS: Total AM signal power (in Watts) = 48 ; Modulation Index (in percentage) = 45 %
OUTPUTS: Carrier signal power = 43.59 Watt; Sideband power = 2.205 Watt

AM modulation power calculator equation for relation between total power, carrier power and sideband power

Following equation mentions relation between total power of AM modulated waveform, carrier signal power and side band signal power.

AM modulation power calculator

Equation-1 and Equation-2 are used for these AM modulation calculators.

Note: This calculator is very useful for competitive exams such as IES, IAS and GATE. It is often asked question in the VIVA also. Find below sample question for the same.
An AM transmitter has carrier power of 25 W. The percentage of modulation is 80 percent. Calculate following:
(a) the total power
(b) the power in one sideband.

AM Modulation calculator-2

Inputs: Carrier Power (Watts), Modulation Index (in %)
Outputs: Total AM modulated signal power (Watt), one sideband power (Watt)

AM Carrier Power in Watts (input1) :
Modulation index in percent (input2) :

Total AM Power (Output1):
One AM Sideband Power (Output2):


AM modulation calculator Example#2:
INPUTS: Carrier Power (in Watts) = 25 ; Modulation Index (in percentage) = 80 %
OUTPUTS: Total AM power = 33 Watt; One Sideband power = 4 Watt

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