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This page covers zigbee range extender basics with features and specifications. It mentions zigbee range extender manufacturers.

Zigbee based wireless network consists of zigbee coordinator, router and end devices. It can support communication upto the distance coverage from 10 to 30 meters. Hence to extend the zigbee signal coverage range extender device is needed.

As we know extender is the term which refers to the device which extends the coverage of RF signal or amplifies the electrical signal. The other terms which are synonymous to extender are repeater, relay and router. The device which extends 2.4 GHz or 868/915 MHz zigbee signal in the presence of channel is referred as zigbee range extender.

This device will have integrated RF power amplifier and LNA to increase range of the device.

zigbee range extender typical specifications:

•  Provision to develop custom application development
•  easy connectivity options with WLAN, cellular
•  Transmit power of 8 dBm or 20 dBm
•  Receiver sensitivity of -102 dBm at 1% pER
•  Should support ethernet port with 10/100 Base-T PHY
•  Should support security protocols(SSL tunnels, WEP-40 and 104, WPA/WPA2
•  Support for frequency range
•  Should support IEEE 802.15.4 specifications

zigbee range extender vendors, manufacturers

• Digi International Inc.
• Texas Instruments
• Anaren
• Volutone Distributing Co.
• Netvox technology co. ltd.

SimpleLink CC-2592 zigbee range extender from Texas Instruments boosts range by 7 times. It supports frequency range of 2.4 GHz.

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