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Zigbee Light Switch

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This page covers zigbee light switch basics and mention zigbee light switch manufacturers.

As we know zigbee is used for establishing wireless personal area network in small coverage area for low bit rate applications. Zigbee is mainly used for monitoring and control type of applications such as home automation.

There are many zigbee products for home automation. One such product used in home automation is zigbee light switch which is used to control the switch connected with light wirelessly.

There are many benefits of zigbee based lighting system, refer zigbee smart lighting article for benefits as well as zigbee based smart LED bulb manufacturers.

Zigbee based light switch houses zigbee SoC. Zigbee protocol stack has been ported on the SoC. The SoC has been manufactured by Atmel, ember, freescale or TI etc.

Zigbee light switch typical specifications:
• Remote control using smart device such as ipad or iphone
• coverage: about 10 to 70 meter
• Works on Alkaline or li-ion batteries
• Works on IEEE 802.15.4 standard
• Touch controlled
• Can also be controlled using wifi(if WLAN standard is supported)

Zigbee Light Switch vendors, manufacturers

• Climax Technology Co. provides zigbee and z-wave accessories such as alarm systems, power switches, smoke and heat detectors, sensors and more.
• GE
• Legrand
• TIANJIN TAIYITO Technology Co. Ltd,China

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