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Zigbee gadgets

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This page covers zigbee gadgets for home automation,healthcare,smart energy,lighting,security, appliances,audio and closures applications.

Building and home automation zigbee gadgets

Daintree Network- www.daintree.net
Wireless Area Controller for building automation, model: WAC50.

zigbee health and fitness related medical gadgets

Brunel University London, www.brunel.ac.uk
Blood pressure Monitor UA-767PZ-C
Blood Glucose reader
Pill dispenser

zigbee smart energy products

Alektrona- www.alektrona.com
Energy management hub Model:ZA07-200, Z-Aperture

GE- www.ge-energy.com
Energy consumption usage monitor based on zigbee

chameleon- www.chameleontechnology.co.uk
zigbee Smart meter display devices

zigbee telecom service products

OKI- www.oki.com
Access point

zigbee lighting products

Philips- www.india.philips.com
Color Light

zigbee network devices

TELECOM ITALIA- www.telecomitalia.it
Gateway from TI for windows and linux operating system.

zigbee Remote control

ATMEL- www.atmel.com
Remote controller push button type based on zigbee.

zigbee security products

Alert me- www.alertme.com
Door Sensor

Climax Taiwan- www.climax.com.tw
Smoke/fire device model SD-9ZB.

zigbee appliances

LG- www.lg.com/in
Air conditioner model-FNQ153DGKW
Digital TV

zigbee audio gadgets

ETRI KORIA- www.etri.re.kr/
ETRI VoZ - Includes headset, microphone and speaker.

zigbee Closures

BALDWIN- www.bdhhi.com
Smart Lock

Schneider-Electric, www.schneider-electric.com
Curtain Switch to control curtain up/down/stop.

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