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zwave light switch

Refer z-wave tutorial covering following sub topics:
z-wave network   PHY layer   MAC layer   protocol stack   security   conformance tests  

This page covers zwave light switch basics and mention zwave light switch manufacturers.The devices are used in UK and US.

As we know light switch is used to control the lighting system of home. Z-wave light switch adds zwave capabilities and hence light switch can be remotely controlled using zwave frequencies as designed.

Z-wave network typically composed of master and slave devices. Refer zwave tutorial which describes zwave network, stack, PHY, MAC and more. The zwave light switch device acts as slave in the z-wave network which can be controlled either using z-wave controller or directly using remote control device. The device mainly works as wireless receiver mode.

z-wave light switch typical specifications:
• Works on 230 Volt and 50 Hz
• Designed to operate in 3 phase wiring system
• Works upto distance of 30meters
• Supports zwave frequency bands(908.42 MHz (US), 868.42 MHz(Europe))
• Supports CFLs, LED bulbs, incandescent lamps

zwave light switch works in one of the following modes:
• ON/OFF control of a light
• Dim/Bright Control of light in addition to on/off functionality
• Used as remote switch(works as 3-way switches)
• Works as control switch,which do'nt control the light but control other zwave switches

zwave light switch manufacturers/vendors

• Climax Technology Co.
• UK Automation Retail Ltd
• Zwave Products Inc.
• Leviton
• GE
• Digital Monitoring Products, Inc.
• Home Controls,Inc.

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