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This page covers WiFi jammer vendors and Bluetooth Jammer Vendors and manufacturers. It also mentions wifi and bluetooth related learning resources.

The RF jammer blocks access of the network by unauthorized persons. Jamming does not distinguish between desired and undesired wireless communication. A jammer emits RF waves which will prevent target device to establish or maintain connection with its peers.

RF Jammer

It will have certain radius in which it will block or jam the wireless signal. Based on this, jammer should be installed appropriately in the home or office premises. Refer RF Jammer>> for more information.

NOTE: Please note that it is illegal to use jammer without taking permissions from regulatory bodies. Due to use of jammer, persons can not be reached during emergency situations by emergency respondent team such as police or fire brigade etc.

WiFi Jammer Vendors

The RF jammer which uses frequency bands and spectrum supported as per WLAN standards (IEEE 802.11a, 11n, 11ac etc.) is known as wifi jammer. Following table-1 mentions wifi jammer vendors.

Vendors Description
Jammer-Store.com •  SPEC5 wifi jammer
•  Operates in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
Cell Phone Jammer. (https://www.synageva.org/) • Model: WIFIJAMMER0004
• 4 Antenna version which blocks cellular and wifi signal.

Bluetooth Jammer Vendors

The RF jammer which uses frequency bands and spectrum supported as per bluetooth standards (IEEE 802.15.1) is known as bluetooth jammer. Following table-2 mentions Bluetooth jammer vendors.

Vendors Description
Cell Phone Jammer. (https://www.synageva.org/) • Model WIFIJAMMER0003
• 3 Antenna version which blocks both wifi and bluetooth signals upto 15 meter.
Jammer-Store.com The vendor can supply bluetooth jammer.

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