Millimeter wave horn antenna manufacturers | mmwave horn antenna basics

This page covers Millimeter wave horn antenna basics with technical specifications. It mentions Millimeter wave horn antenna manufacturers or vendors.It is also known as mmwave horn antenna in short.

The radiating element having the shape of horn is known as horn antenna. The horn antenna which operates in millimeter frequency range (i.e. 30 GHz to 300 GHz) is known as millimeter wave horn antenna.

One can imagine horn antenna as waveguide which has one end blown out and the other end is used to connect EM source. This arrangement helps in radiating EM energy and receiving the same from free space. Mouth of waveguide is flared out to have improvement in radiation efficiency, radiation pattern and directivity.

millimeter wave horn antenna types

Millimeter wave horn antennas are available in various types based on their applications of use as follows.
• Standard Gain Horn antenna
• Conical horn antenna
• Scalar feed horn antenna
• Horn lens antenna
• Wide angle scalar feed horn antenna

Technical specifications of millimeter wave horn antenna

Horn Antenna Dimensions

Following are the technical specifications of the millimeter wave horn antenna.
• Input waveguide type
• Frequency range of operation (Fmin, Fc, Fmax)
• Dimensions (Width(A), Height(B), Length(C))
• Horn antenna type

Millimeter wave horn antenna Manufacturers or Vendors

Following table mentions list of Millimeter wave horn antenna manufacturers or vendors.

Manufacturers Description
SAGE Millimeter, Inc., CA, USA • The company offers rectangular gain horns (both standard and custom models) with rectangular waveguide interface.
• Covers frequency range from 8.2 GHz to 170 GHz
• The antennas deliver about 20-23 dB gain with 10-11 degrees of HPBW.
Mi-Wave, Millimeter wave products Inc., FL, USA • Different types of millimeter wave horn antennas are available for frequencies upto 300 GHz as shown in the figure-1.
• Email:
Ducommun Incorporated, Santa Ana, CA • The company has developed different types of horn antennas (circular, rectangular, lens corrected) etc. in frequency range from 18 to 110 GHz.
Millitech, Inc. • The company developes mmwave horn antenna in millimeter wave frequency range.

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