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This page mentions Energy metering IC vendors or manufacturers. It mentions part numbers of Energy metering IC from different manufacturers.

About Energy metering IC:
The energy metering ICs have been developed for various applications viz. energy metering systems, solar inverters, power quality monitoring, process monitoring, protective devices etc.

It takes analog inputs (usually AC/DC current and AC/DC voltage) and provides different types of energy (active, reactive, apparent) as outputs. The values of these energy types are calculated and are available in the internal registers of the IC. These values can be read using microcontroller having SPI interface lines.

Following technical specifications are considered while selecting the right Energy metering IC as per system requirements.
• Analog inputs
• Output in the form of SPI or I2C interface
• Active Energy, Reactive Energy and Apparent Energy measurements
• Clock input and clock output
• Harmonic measurements
• RMS measurements
• Mean Absolute Value
• Interrupt request outputs
• Frequecy output

Energy metering IC Vendors or Manufacturers Part Number with Description
Analog Devices ADE 7763, ADE 7880
Microchip MCP3909
Prolific Technology Inc. PL8333
Renesas single phase, three phase power meters
Cirrus Logic CS5463 , used for power and energy measurements
Maxim Integrated 71M6511, 71M6511H

Also refer Power vs Energy to know the difference between power and energy.

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