Crystal oscillator Manufacturers/Suppliers

Crystal oscillator is used as reference oscillator for PLL circuits used in local oscillators and synthesizers. This device provides frequency stable output in most of the RF transceivers used in various RF and Wireless equipments. It is used as stable reference frequency in test and measurement equipments such as Vector Signal Generators and Analyzers, requiring very accurate measurements.

It covers various crystal oscillators for different applications which include OCXO, EMXO, TCXO, VCXO, VCSO, XO etc.The most commonly designed crystal oscillator cover frequencies in MHz range. The most popular one is 10MHz oscillator and 100 MHz one are used as reference. Following section list out popular Manufacturer of crystal oscillator.

Crystal oscillators with high frequency stability and low phase noise is the best choice for the buyer. Vectron oscillators ( OCXO ) offers higher frequency stability and lower phase noise to design high performance based RF systems. Refer vectron OCXO for more information.

Generic specifications

• Frequency range
• Output waveform type (sine,square etc.)
• supply voltage
• Temperature stability ppb
• Aging ppb per day
• phase noise
• Frequency stability

Vectron -

vectron OCXO-Oven controlled crystal oscillator.
TCXO devices from vectron,

Wenzel Associates, Inc.,Texas,USA
Products-MXO, OCXO and other types of crystal oscillators are available.

Bliley Technologies Inc.

products-OCXO, TCXO, VCXO, XO crystal oscillators with very less phase noise for satellite applications.

Greenray industries

NEL Frequency Controls Inc.

category-Leader in Quartz Crystal Oscillator.

Crescent Frequency Products, Inc. CA, USA

Total Frequency Control Ltd, Sussex, UK

Element 14, Formerly Farnell

Rakon crystal oscillator
Products- TCXO,OCXO type of oscillators are available.

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