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As we know bluetooth is widely used for many of the reasons such as copying data between wireless mobile and fixed devices. It is used as headset for hands free use. It is used in many more electronic devices to make them operate without the need of wire connectivity for example, keyboard,mouse and so on.

Devices communicate in 2.4GHz ISM band in master-slave configuration. The maximum slave supported are about 8. It helps transfer information at the 1Mbps rate. Further increase of speed is supported in latest bluetooth releases V3,V4 and V4.1. Refer following link to know difference between various bluetooth versions. GFSK modulation is employed in bluetooth. As it operates in small area it is also referred as PAN(Personal Area Network).

Following are few of the bluetooth product vendors/manufacturers/companies.

Bluetooth product, Semiconductor-SoC

Vendor or Manufacturer

Bluetooth Headset Manufacturers

• Bluewinc Inc
• Data Memory Systems, Inc.
• Ericsson
• Fujikon Industrial Co. Ltd.
• Japan Total Design Communication Co., Ltd.
• LG Innotek
• Nokia
• Plantronics
• uCables

Bluetooth PC cards

• BenQ
• 3Com
• Fujitsu
• Hewlett Packard
• Kyocera
• Motorola
• National Semiconductor
• Omron Corporation
• RFI Mobile Technologies

Bluetooth USB dongle

• AirLogic Co., Ltd
• BlueGear
• Com One
• D-Link
• Hassnet Inc.
• Mavin Technology Inc
• NSM Technology
• RTX Telecom
• WS Inc.
• Zupera
• Keyboard and mouse
• Logitech
• Microsoft

Bluetooth Test and Measurement Equipments

• Agilent
• Anritsu
• Berkeley Varitronics
• Frontline Test Equipment
• Keithley Instruments
• Maxsys Technologies
• Mobiwave
• Rohde & Schwarz
• Tektronix
• Yokogawa

IP ready for Silicon, ideal for bluetooth product manufacturing

• BrightCom Technologies
• Ericsson
• inSilicon
• Sidsa
• Tality
• Wipro Technologies
• Imagination Technologies (IP includes Ensigma Explorer and Ensigma Whisper)

Protocol stack for bluetooth product development

• Allosys
• BlueLogic Technologies Inc
• Cambridge Consultants Ltd
• Canon Information Technologies
• Cambridge Silicon Radio, CSR
• DCM Technologies
• Ericsson
• G & W Instruments GmbH
• Hitachi Engineering Co, Ltd
• Impulse soft
• Intel
• IVT Corporation
• Korea Wireless Network
• Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd
• Microsoft
• Nokia
• Teleca Comtec AB
• Wipro Technologies

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