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Antenna is used for transmission and reception of electro-magnetic radio frequency waves. For different frequencies, different types and sizes of antennas are used. It is also referred as electro-magnetic transformer. Following are generic technical specifications one need to consider before buying the antenna.

•  Frequency of operation
•  Gain it provides
•  RF interfacing Connector/cable supported
•  Beamwidth(in angle) of operation

Other than the above technical specifications mechanical dimensions are very important for antenna installation/mounting. There are types of antenna based on where they are going to be installed such as indoor and outdoor. Indoor antennas are designed to be mounted in the house or office premises. Outdoor antennas are installed outside the office/home premises. To take care of this, outdoor antennas need to sustain wind,rain,temperature and other atmospheric conditions. Hence outdoor antennas are passed through rigorous test requirements.

Following are manufacturers of RF antenna of different types for wimax,WLAN,LTE,satellite etc. applications. It include companies such as MOXA,ZDA Communications,Kenbotong Communication, Deltenna,Powerwave,Pulse Electronics,NTA INDIA,ECIL INDIA,Laird Technologies, Renair Antennae Ltd,Vortex Antenna Systems,Badland Ltd etc.


Products-WLAN RF Antenna for various frequency bands.

ZDA Communications-www.zdacomm.com

Email- sales@zdacomm.com
Products- wifi RF antennna, wlan antenna, LTE antenna,RFID antenna,Yagi and parabolic antenna.

Kenbotong Communication Ltd-www.kenbotong.com

Email- kbt@kenbotong.com
Products-It covers antenna for various wireless technologies such as WiFi/WLAN,WiMAX,LTE,RFID,Cellular etc. It also covers RF antenna for various functions such as MIMO,base station,mobile or terminals,repeater etc.


Products-RF Antenna from about 800MHz to 2200 MHz Frequency range with technical specifications to choose one.

Powerwave Technologies-www.powerwave.com

Email-USSales@pwav.com,APACSales@pwav.com, EuropeSales@pwav.com
Products- RF Antenna for various frequency bands up to 2690 MHz. Choose based on polarization,tilt,frequency and beamwidth.

Pulse Electronics-www.pulseelectronics.com

Email- SalesUSA@pulseeng.com ,asia@pulseeng.com
Products- WLAN and LTE antenna from pulse electronics. Also available LTE antenna for tablet, laptop applications. Antennas for mobile device.

NTA INDIA-www.ntaloref.com

Products-Satellite Earth Station Antenna Installation service is provided.

ECIL INDIA-www.ecil.co.in

Popular VSAT antenna supplier. Email-headpg@ecil.co.in
Products-Earth station RF Antennas.

Laird Technologies-www.lairdtech.com.

supplier of cellular antennas. Email-LHP.Sales@lairdtech.com for mobile antenna
Products-Mobile device antenna,automotive and vehicular antenna,RFID antenna,Base station antenna are available.

Renair Antennae Ltd, London, UK-www.renair.co.uk

Email- sales@renair.co.uk
Products-Antenna from 50MHz till 5 GHz are available for various applications e.g. GSM,3G,GPS,WLAN,WiMAX.

Vortex Antenna Systems,UK-www.vortexantennas.co.uk

Email- enquiries@vortexantennas.co.uk
Products-Antenna supplier for radio communications.

Badland Ltd-www.badland.co.uk

UK based antenna supplier/manufacturer.

Antenna Tutorial

Refer our page on antenna tutorial covers antenna functions,antenna terms,antenna types,radiation pattern, near field and far field region and testing methods.

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