Z-wave SoC Manufacturers | Z-wave SoC Vendors

This page mentions Z-wave SoC manufacturers or Z-wave SoC vendors. The popular manufacturers of Z-wave SoC are Silicon Labs, Sigma Designs and Nordic Semiconductor.

Following table mentions Z-wave SoC manufacturers with part numbers and technical features.

Z-wave SoC Manufacturers Description
Silicon Labs • Model EFR32ZG14 Z-wave modem SoC
• The SoC supports 865.2 MHz to 926.3 MHz frequency bands
• It is ITU G.9959 compliant
• It houses ARM Cortex M4 and Floating Point Unit
Sigma Designs, Milpitas, CA, USA • Model 700 series and other versions are available
• Model ZM5202
• Model SD3502
Nordic semiconductor • Model nRF52832 is multi-protocol SoC which supports z-wave, zigbee, wifi and bluetooth LE

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