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This page covers UWB radio Transceiver IC chip manufacturers or vendors. The popular manufacturers of UWB radio Transceiver ICs include Apple, Qorvo, NXP, Imec, 3db Access, Zebra technologies etc.

Introduction: UWB (Ultra WideBand) technology has become popular due to its lower latency and wide bandwidth. It is used in location based services, consumer devices, radar and more. The PHY layer and MAC layer specifications of UWB are defined in IEEE 802.15.4 and 802.15.4z. There are two physical layer versions defined in UWB standard viz. HRP (High Rate Pulse Repetition Frequency) UWB PHY and LRP (Low Rate Pulse Repetition Frequency) UWB PHY. There are 16 radio frequency channels defined in the standard with EIRP levels.

Following technical specifications are considered for selection of UWB radio transceiver ICs for desired application.
• IEEE 802.15.4 standard version supported
• Frequency range of operation
• Number of UWB radio channels supported
• Antenna (In-built or outside), number of antenna ports
• MCU type (STMicroelectronics, Nordic Semiconductor) supported, MCU flash size
• Bluetooth support (Yes/No)
• Motion sensor (Yes/No)
• Intended applications (TWR Tag or Anchor, TDoA Tag or Anchor)
• Number of Tags supported
• Battery life
• Location accuracy
• Ranging accuracy
• Security features
• Interface type (SPI etc.)
• PDoA or AoA support
• Voltage range
• Package size and package type (QFN, WLCSP etc.)

UWB Radio Transceiver IC manufacturers or vendors

Following table mentions vendors or manufacturers of UWB Radio Transceiver ICs.

UWB radio Manufacturers Part number with features
Apple Part number : U1 chip
Features : It supports IEEE 802.15.4z, UWB HRP PHY mode, supports airdrop (used to point phone towards devices and share files) and location tracking. Development kits from NXP and Qorvo interacts with Apple U1 device.
Refer developer.apple.com for more information.
Qorvo DW1xxx and DW3xxx UWB transceiver ICs
Features : Supports different frequency bands, UWB channels, data rates and are available with or without micro-controller unit (MCU) etc.
Example : DW1000 supports 3.5 to 6.5 GHz band, 1/2/3/4/5/7 channels, 1 antenna port, IEEE 802.15.4z standard, proprietary + AES security, < 10 cm range accuracy and 110Kbps/850Kbps/6.8Mbps data rates, SPI interface etc.
Example : DW3220 supports 6.5 to 8.0 GHz band, 5/9 channels, 2 antenna ports, IEEE 802.15.4a/802.15.4z-BPRF etc.
Refer qorvo.com website for more information and other UWB transceiver ICs and UWB development kits.
NXP Part numbers : SR040/SR150, NCJ29D5
Features : SR040/SR150 supports IEEE 802.15.4z and HRP UWB PHY mode, NCJ29D5 supports IEEE 802.15.4z and HRP UWB PHY mode.
Other products : There are other ICs under the family "Trimension" such as OL23D0 and SR100T. Refer nxp.com website for more information.
Imec Part number : ULP IR-UWB Radio
Features : Supports IEEE 802.15.4z and HRP UWB PHY mode etc. Refer imec-int.com website for more information.
Shenzhen Giant Microelectronics called GiantSemi Part number : GT1000
Features : Fully integrated UWB SoC with RF/Baseband/protocol/MCU;
SoC is compliant to standards IEEE 802.15.4, IEEE 802.15.4z, FiRa; supports 4 to 9 GHz frequency range and different data rates etc.
3db Access Part number : 3DB6830
Features : Supports 6 to 8 GHz range, <10 cm accuracy, <1 ms fast ranging, >120 meters LOS range, IEEE 802.15.4f compatible, LRP UWB PHY mode etc.
Refer 3db-access.com website for more information. /td>
Zebra Technologies The company manufactures UWB tags, UWB hub, UWB sensors etc. Refer zebra.com website for more information.

There are numerous benefits of UWB technology such as accurate location detection, reliable, secure & fast communication, low energy consumption, lower cost etc. Refer advantages and disadvantages of UWB >> for more information.

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