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Tunnel diode Manufacturers | Tunnel diode Vendors

This page mentions Tunnel diode manufacturers or Tunnel diode vendors. The popular manufacturers of Tunnel diode are M-Pulse Microwave, MACOM, American Microsemiconductor, Texas Instruments, General Electric etc.

What is Tunnel diode ?

It is type of semiconductor diode which exhibits negative resistance due to quantum mechanical effect. This is called tunneling effect.

tunnel diode equivalent circuit

The figure-1 depicts equivalent circuit where as figure-2 depicts its characteristic and circuit symbol.

Tunnel diode characteristic and symbol

As shown current decreases when voltage value is increased. This results into negative resistance curve. This diode is used for various applications which include oscillator, amplifier and one shot multivibrator.

Following specifications or parameters are considered for selecting the tunnel diode.
• Peak current ( maximum ) in tunneling region (i.e. negative resistance) region.
• Valley current ( minimum ) in tunneling region
• Maximum reverse voltage
• Forward voltage (results of flow of current in forward direction)
• Maximum power dissipation (permissible)
• Terminal capacitance (when specified reverse voltage and frequency is applied)
• Junction operating temperature
• Package type

Tunnel diode Manufacturers

Following table mentions Tunnel diode manufacturers with part numbers and technical features.

Tunnel diode Manufacturers Description
M-Pulse Microwave Inc. San Jose, CA, USA • Part Numbers : MP Series
(e.g. MP1101, MP1201, MP1301, MP1451, MP1601 )
• Specifications of MP1601 are Ip range (µA) : 450 to 600, Iv (max. in µA) : 225, Vr in mV (typ.) at Ir = 500 µA : 425, Vf in mV (max.) at If = 3 mA : 115 , Ct (max.) in pF : 0.2
• Website : mpulsemw.com
MACOM • Part number : MBD series (Aeroflex Metelics)
• Features : Zero bias operation, excellent temperature stability, Low video impedance etc.
• They are fabricated on germanium substrates using passivated, planar construction and gold metallization for reliable operation up to +110 degreeC.
• The company has acquired Aeroflex's diode business from Cobham.
• Website: https://www.macom.com/
American Microsemiconductor, Inc. , New Jersey, USA • Part number : 1N3712 (Peak point current, Ip (mA) : 1.0 +/- 10 %, Valley point current, Iv (mA) : 0.18 , Capacitance, C (pF) : 10, Peak Point Voltage, Vp (mV) : 65, Valley voltage, Vv (mV) : 350, Forward Peak voltage, Vfp (mV) : 500, ?eries resistance, Rs (Ohms) : 4.0 , Negative conductance, - G : 8 , Resist. cutoff frequency, fRO : 2.3
• Other parts : TD series (ultra high speed switching tunnel diodes)
• Email : rfq@americanmicrosemi.com
• Website : https://www.americanmicrosemi.com/
Texas Instruments • Part number : IN650 series
• Manufactured using gallium arsenide material.
General Electric •  Part Number : 1N3712/TD-1

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